Linden Park Resort - East Battle Lake

Directions from Battle Lake

Directions From I94 / Twin Cities


Take I94 to North to Osakis Exit. Right hand turn onto 127
  • At the exit take a right onto 127 to Osakis
  • It is only 3 miles to Osakis off of I94
  • You will come to a four way stop, turn left onto Hwy 27 which runs through Osakis
Take MN-27 West out of Osakis to Alexandria
  • It is 10.6 miles from Osakis to Alexandria
Take MN-29 North out of Alexandria.
  • This will be a right hand turn at the stop light.
  • There is a Burger King on the corner
Travel on MN-29 North for 31.6 miles to MN-210.
  • There will be a four way stop at the intersection of MN-29 and MN210
  • Turn Left onto MN-210
Take MN-210 west 5 miles to Henning.
  • Henning will be on your right hand side
Take a right hand turn onto MN-108 and drive through Henning.
  • This will be the first right hand turn after driving over the train over-pass 
  • There is a grocery store (B&D Foods) in Henning.
  • There is also a gas station/bait store one block off to the right.
One mile Outside of Henning turn left onto Co Hwy 16 West.
  • This will be a left turn off of MN-108 as MN-108 curves hard to the right.
Head west 5.3 miles on Hwy 16 to Liberty Drive
  • Turn left on Liberty Drive. You can see the lake from here.
Follow Liberty Drive 1.8 miles and turn left onto 447th Street (dirt road).
  • Liberty drive curves hard to the right at Sanda‚Äôs Beach. This is the public boat landing
Resort is on your left.